Ok let’s get transparent. 

This last year has been an interesting season of renewal and refinement, both in my personal life as well as my career. And as I begin to take a step back and refocus, I have a new found perspective and set of intentions for what I want out of this short, sweet ride around the globe.

I’m rewiring my business, with the mindset that healthy things grow. And that sometimes we hold on too tightly to thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that don’t serve us. That those things must be uprooted, or pruned back. The stripping and rewiring of those patterns is necessary but down right painful.

With this new perspective though - I’ve been in deep contemplation of what I want my brand to stand for and who I want to be working with. Essentially, I’m putting myself through my own process.

Recently I was checking out the Creative Lady Directory, an incredible resource created by the ladies behind Freelance Wisdom. They’ve interviewed creative women and developed a platform for promoting the work of the design community.

The brief 24 word description under my photo reads:

Lauren Ledbetter is a Nashville-based graphic designer specializing in branding and creative direction. She works with small businesses to develop meaningful brand experiences.

Woah. Hold up. What? That does not necessarily communicate how I am unique in my craft. You have no idea how much I actually care about the authenticity of your brand representation and the enthusiasm that goes into each project.

Most people call this a “brand position” - I call it taking a stand. It’s about having the power to define the way your audience perceives you. Taking a stand is key to setting yourself apart from other people in your industry. There at 137 “branding” specialists on that page. We may kind of do the same thing, but there’s a difference in how we do it and why we do what we do. Essentially your “stand” should address your target audience and their need, what your brand delivers and how it is set apart from others in the same industry.

Alternatives, you ask? 

Lauren Ledbetter creates energized visual brands for passionate people by specializing in branding and creative direction.

Specializing in branding and creative direction, Lauren Ledbetter spurs on people to lean into the deepest desires and builds a brand around those foundational passions.

Lauren Ledbetter views branding and creative direction as a vehicle to tell the world a collection of unforgettable stories.

Specializing in branding and creative direction, Lauren Ledbetter helps people launch dreams. 

Lauren Ledbetter is a visionary creative + brandmaker running an ardent creative studio offering brand strategy, design, & art direction.

By taking a stand like these, I want people to land on this website, and think to themselves, “Welp, I just found the most perfect designer for me.” That’s the goal - to make your dream clients scream “Yahoo!” once they come into contact with your brand. Building an authentic business that is true to you is all about digging deep into who you are, what you do, and why it matters - so that you can present and position your business in an authentic way.

I’m still working on my perfect “stand” but I want you along for the ride. I’d love to invite you in on this season of reimagining and redefining my own brand.


lauren ledbetter